Tattooed girl at a festival

Festivals were created as temples of fun. There’s nothing better than good music, close friends, and good vibrations to rule them all.

They are also places of people, huge gatherings where respect has to rule over everything. Despite the impressive numbers of participants, everyone can have the same amount of fun with the appropriate code of conduct.

For everyone to have the same amount of fun, we all have to think of some things.

Don’t do to YOURSELF Don’t do to OTHERS
Don’t wear overalls Don’t forget to smile until it hurts
Don’t do drugs Don’t bring your pet
Don’t bring your own alcohol Don’t bring sunbrellas (or umbrellas)
Don’t bring just one change of clothes Don’t bring weapons or sharp items
Don’t forget your ticket home Don’t bring a DSLR
Don’t forget a jacket Don’t bring bad vibes

We’ve got a few rules to live by, which we recommend reading to everyone attending our 4-day party.

What you leave at home is just as important as the things you take with you. Our main goal in life is to give as many people the opportunity to have some quality fun.

In theory, this is really easy. In practice, it takes lots of planning. That’s why we’re hoping to be all on the same page when it comes to respecting others.


  • george

    Is 2018 so why a DSLR is forbidden ? You don't want free advertise with good pictures ?

    • Livia Rusu

      DSLRs are not allowed in the festival area, as part of the headliners' contractual conditions.

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