There’s nothing you can’t do at a festival, as long as it complies with the organizer’s rules. Don’t worry, we’re pretty cool people and we know you’re here to have fun.

People at festival

We can’t wait to see you at the festival, and here are some of this edition’s rules:

  • Kids under 14 have free access must be accompanied by their parents/legal representatives & have a written parental agreement;
  • Kids between 14-18 pay the tickets full-price, and must also have a written parental agreement from their parents/legal representatives;
  • Underage people are not allowed in the VIP area;
  • Underage people cannot consume alcohol;

We’re truly sorry to break this to you, but we won’t allow the access with DSLRs. Or large selfie sticks, for that matter.

Umbrellas, sunbrellas or folding chairs are also prohibited. We care about everybody’s experience and wouldn’t want to hurt people. Find out more about things you should leave at home and things you should remember to pack.

If you’ve got questions of any kind about what’s permitted, what’s frowned upon and what will get you out of the festival, read the extended version of our rules and regulations.

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