Green bicycle leaning against a colorful wall

From creative sessions to art workshops, there’s nothing you should miss during the #dayfun at AFTERHILLS.

Your holiday deserves to be complete, which is why the festival is designed to offer you dozens of creative activities.

Give a voice to the artist within, or just grab a graffiti spray or a yoga mat and let’s make it memorable.

Diversify Your Festival Fun

Abstract acrylic colors

Festival activities are different and engaging, so that you best enjoy your crossover experience. There are dozens of ways to spend your day, from wall climbing to escape rooms.

Turn the contents of your mind to life. Enjoy a variety of fun festival activities, from land art and painting to sculpture, readymades and pretty much everything else.

Festivals are made for fun, so make your stay here memorable. You don’t have to jump around all day to make sure you’ve lived a complete festival experience.

Au contraire, our friend! You can enjoy every second of your sunny festival days chillin’ on a hammock or sipping beer like a boss in the festival Beer Garden.

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