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Authentic art is worth celebrating in all its forms. AFTERHILLS proudly introduces the COMEDY Stage, a magical place of improv battles, theatre, and stand-up comedy.

This national premiere is the first step of a consistent attempt to fully diversify the festival experience in Romania.

There’s More To Art Than Meets The Eye

Festivaliers are so different not just because everyone is unique, but because our tastes are shaped by who we are. The aim of this crossover experience is to empower people to live their craziest dreams and to give a voice to their most unusual tastes. 

To get there, we must first cover the main art forms that the Romanian public appreciates, and stand-up comedy, contemporary theatrical representations, and improv battles are a significant part of a complete live experience.  

Because true #dreamers laugh in their heads just as much as they do out loud, come and enjoy a truly diverse #crossover festival.

The Comedy Stage is a perfect opportunity to diversify our repertoire and to allow people to have unlimited fun of all kinds. The value behind a crossover artistic experience is not having to narrow down the possibilities. Instead, we offer a wide range of activities and performances that celebrate art in all its forms.

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