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Regardless of where you come from, we’re here to show you around! Traveling is part of the fun!

Woman in the Car

Are You from Iași?

Then leave your car at home! We encourage you to take the bike or the Festival Shuttle. It’s more eco friendly and it can be fun!

Worry not, though, we do have a larger-than-life parking, in case you come from afar or are feeling particularly lazy!

First Timer?

The Festival location is at the exit towards E85 road. Unlike the most amazing things in life, we’re pretty easy to find.

If you’ve come by bus or train, take the first tram or bus at the Railway Station and get off at the first stop. Once there, get into the Festival Shuttle and let’s have some fun.

If you’ve just gotten off the plane, take the bus no. 50, get off at the Union Square (Piața Unirii) and get into the Festival Shuttle.

Don’t Want to Miss Any Fun?

Whether you’ve come by bus, train or plane, check out the Festival Shuttle schedule and stay posted!



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Festivals were created as temples of fun. There’s nothing better than good music, close friends, and good vibrations to rule them all.

They are also places of people, huge gatherings where respect has to rule over everything. Despite the impressive numbers of participants, everyone can have the same amount of fun with the appropriate code of conduct.

For everyone to have the same amount of fun, we all have to think of some things.

Don’t do to YOURSELF Don’t do to OTHERS
Don’t wear overalls Don’t forget to smile until it hurts
Don’t do drugs Don’t bring your pet
Don’t bring your own alcohol Don’t bring sunbrellas (or umbrellas)
Don’t bring just one change of clothes Don’t bring weapons or sharp items
Don’t forget your ticket home Don’t bring a DSLR
Don’t forget a jacket Don’t bring bad vibes

We’ve got a few rules to live by, which we recommend reading to everyone attending our 4-day party.

What you leave at home is just as important as the things you take with you. Our main goal in life is to give as many people the opportunity to have some quality fun.

In theory, this is really easy. In practice, it takes lots of planning. That’s why we’re hoping to be all on the same page when it comes to respecting others.



Woman driving to a festival

Holidays are best served prepared. Mindless fun takes careful packing. Make sure you’re not leaving anything out and let’s double the joy! 

To help you pick your festival poisons, we’ve put together a list of the most important things to pack.

Bring for YOURSELF

Bring for OTHERS

A funky hat to keep the groove on A tent to keep your dreams safe
Happy sunscreen to get that healthy tan you’ve dreamed of all winter Good mood and happy vibes to start the summer with 
Comfy dancing shoes to keep the party going Energy to jump around from dawn till sunrise
The coolest sunglasses A slick sense of humor to make meeting new people great again 
Light luggage Your dreams in a bag 
Hula hoops Partners in crime to double the thrill 
Super-power rain cloaks Kids of all ages to show them how partying is done properly

We think no festival attendee should ever leave home without these things.

Don’t forget to pack in advance. From festival outfits to small items, careful planning makes lives easier.

Make sure to hit a few parties downtown before you come to the festival. Fun marathons take some serious preparation. If you want to party until dawn, this kind of fun takes preparation.