Festivals are amazing places to be. And, as it happens, it’s mostly impossible to think of sleeping when you’re getting ready to party like crazy. But for a complete camping experience, make sure you’re packing everything you could possibly need for that festival camping to be awesome.


Happy girl festival camping

This ranges from towels, which you can use to dry up your tent in case of a short and moody afternoon rain to dry shampoo to always look your best – you can’t afford to look like a hippie grinch in the festival photos!

In-Tents Preparations

The camping area will be open from Thursday, May 31st, 16:00 until Monday, June 4th, 09:00.

During this time, if you’re the happy owner of a Camping Pass, you’re welcome to get in and out of the camping area as many times as you please.

If you don’t have a Camping Pass, you can upgrade your Festival Pass with a Camping Pass on the spot. Otherwise, you’re not going to be allowed in the camping area, so you’re going to have to party non-stop!

We’re kidding. You can always check out the accommodation options available around you.

If you’ve got a van/RV ticket, you can enter the camping area with your vehicle. Otherwise, you’ll need to leave it in the parking until you leave the festival grounds.

Because we care about your stay here, you’ll be provided with all kinds of 21st century facilities such as showers, toilets, markets and utilities.

 You’re not allowed with any kind of food from the outside. Make sure you’ve read the rules and regulations.  

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